Nail Making Machine Maintenance

Nail making machine safety operation regulations and maintenance

1. Strictly obey the nail making machine technical regulations, do not violate regulations, ensure safe production, and make sure the worker understand the working principles, the structure, the performance.
2. Lubricate each lubrication point at least 3 times per shift, and check the lubrication of each transmission part frequently;
3. Before starting the nail making machine, turn the flywheel by hand for one cycle, and make sure that there are no obstacles, loose fasteners and unsafe hidden dangers before turning on the power;
4. After starting, we must make sure the machine is running normally before switching the feeding box to feed the wire and make nails. When stopping, the wire feed should be stopped first;
5. Regularly check the nail quality, length, straightness, nail cap, nail tip, and weariness of nail knife, nail mold during production;
6. During the operation of the machine, pay attention to the temperature rise of various friction parts and the occurrence of abnormal sounds at any time;
7. Do not adjust the nail machine while the machine is running;
8. When the equipment is running, it is strictly forbidden to touch the running parts of the transmission with hands; it is forbidden to stop the flywheel by hand when stopping, and it is forbidden to stop the punched slider at the top dead center, which will avoid causing machine block next time when starting;
9. When repairing the nail machine or electrical appliances, first disconnect the power supply and put on the “Someone is forbidden to close” card before performing maintenance;
10. Keep the nail machine clean. The nail mold should be cleaned frequently. Do not use rusty wire to make nails. Keep the nail knife sharp.
11. Do routine maintenance and maintenance of equipment according to regulations; be neat, clean, lubricated and safe;
12. Do not start the nail machine when the protective cover removed.


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