Nail Polishing Machine

What is nail polishing machine?

The nail polishing machine is a device that is used to polish the surface of wire nails. Nails are made from metal and they have a rough texture on the surface. This texture makes it difficult to do any kind of work with them. The wire nail polishing machine helps to remove this rough texture from the nails, which makes them smooth and easy to use.

nail polishing machine

The function of nail polishing machine is to make nails bright and shiny. This machine can be used for different types of metal materials like iron, steel, aluminum etc. The machine has a very powerful motor inside it which rotates at a high speed while you are operating it. If you press your finger against the rotating shaft, then it will rotate your finger as well because there is no friction between any two surfaces in this machine.

The saw dust is added into this machine so that we can polish our nails properly with it. Saw dust helps us in buffing our nails easily without any kind of problem or difficulty. It also gives us good results after using our saw dust on our nails because there are many benefits of using sawdusts.

Features of Nail Polishing Machine:

  1. Easy to operate and maintain, low cost and high productivity, durable and reliable performance;
  2. The machine is controlled by frequency conversion control system, the working speed is proportional to the frequency of the input voltage;
  3. The wire nail polishing machine consists of main body, box body, switch cabinet, motor driving unit, feeding device and other components;
  4. The feeding device adopts double chain method, which can ensure that the nails are fed evenly and continuously into the machine;
  5. The whole wire nail polishing machine adopts high-precision hard alloy steel material manufacture;
  6. It has strong adaptability to different shapes of nails (such as straight-barbed nail head and curved-head nail head);

Nail Polishing Process:

  1. The wire nail polishing machine is used to polish wire nails, which is the most common type of nails in Europe and America. Its working principle is that the polishing brush rotates with high speed, and the wire nail is pressed against it.
  2. In order to make nails bright, we should add saw dust into the wire nail polishing machine. Saw dust can make nails more reflective, so it will be shiner after polishing.
  3. We need to polish the wire nails for 2-3 hours to make them shine like new ones.


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