Wire Drawing Powder

Wire drawing lubricant powder is a kind of powder specifically used in wire drawing process. It has good lubricating properties, abrasion resistance and anti-corrosion property. It can also be used as wire drawing lubricant.

wire drawing powder

Characteristic of the Wire Drawing Powder

1.Good grease property: The wire drawing powder has good grease property and can form a protective film on metal surface, which makes the metal surface have better wear resistance after applied on it.

2.Anti-wear effect: The wire drawing lubricant powder can reduce the friction coefficient between metal and metal or between metal and die material, so that it reduce the wear rate of these materials during wire drawing process, which will make the product have longer service life than normal one.

3.Abrasion resistance: The wire drawing lubricant powder can form an anti-abrasive layer on the surface of metal during wire drawing process, which will protect metal surface from damage caused by rubbing against other objects during production process.


The main components of wire drawing powder are slaked lime, animal oil, paraffin, soap, stearic acid, talcum powder and industrial alkali, etc.

Application of the Wire Drawing Powder:

The powder can be used in the drawing process of galvanized wire, welding wire, spring wire, welding electrode, steel bar and etc.

1) Lubricating the surface of the wire to reduce friction during drawing process;

2) Improving the plasticity of metal to prevent cracking during drawing process;

3) Increasing yield strength of steel strip so that it can be drawn into a desired shape through rolling mill;

Wire Drawing Lubricant is a kind of lubricating material that is used with wire drawing machine. It can reduce friction between the wire and the wire drawing die, so as to improve the drawing process efficiency, which has a significant effect on product quality. It will make the wire drawing smoothly and the drawn wire will be black.

How to select the suitable wire drawing Lubricant:

There are sodium soap and calcium soap based drawing powder.

Sodium soap is made by the saponification reaction of fatty acid (oil) and alkali. Calcium soap is made by the saponification reaction of fatty acid (oil) and white ash.

Depending on different wire drawing process, according to different drawing speed, different steel wire model, different wire drawing machine type, we will choose suitable wire drawing lubricant for you.




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