cost of nail making machine

What is the cost of nail making machine?

nail making machine

The price of a z94 type traditional common nail making machine made in China costs from $2,000-7,000 for different models.

The price will be little higher after it delivered to Kenya, India, Nigeria or some other countries, since there will be inland and sea freight cost and custom clearance also.

The cost of the nail making machine also depends on the type and the production capacity. The price of a traditonal z94 nail making machine (speed 200-450 pcs/min)is about $2,000 – $70,00. The price of a medium speed type (speed 600-800 pcs/min) is around 15,000 – $25,000. The price of a rotary high speed type (speed 1500-2000 pcs/min) can be as high as $150,000 or more.

The cost of the nail making machine is not only the price, but also the service life of the nail making machine.

It is more important to choose a good quality nail making machine than to choose a cheap nail making machine.

The nail making machine cost from China and India is low compared with other machines in the same industry for example in Denmark, in Germany and in South Korea.

Introduction about nail manufacturing machine:

The nail making machine is a kind of cold heading machine. It can be used to make nails from wire rod.

In the nail making process, it adopts one-step forming, no need to use the oven, and the output is high.

It can produce various types of nail products. The nail product has good quality and accurate specifications.

Nail making machine is a kind of machine can make nail. It is driven by a motor, through the spindle and the corresponding cam mechanism to complete the action of hammering the nail. The composition of the nail making machine:

The nail making machine consists of a rack, a power transmission shaft, a molding die, an air compressor and other parts. The function of each part:

1. Rack: In order to ensure that the whole machine has sufficient strength and rigidity, the upper part of the two main beams is made into an I-shaped section, and an oblique rod is arranged on it for reinforcement;

2. Power transmission shaft: The power transmission shaft is a hollow shaft composed of a large gear at one end and an output shaft at the other end. The large gear is driven by an electric motor through a pair of gears to rotate at high speed. Since the large gear is required to rotate at high speed during operation, in order to prevent it from breaking due to centrifugal force and flying out when it rotates at high speed, it must be installed in a box body;

3. Molding die: The molding die is divided into male mold and female mold according to function, which are respectively installed.

China nail machine price is very competitive in the market. We are the first manufacturer in China who specialized in this industry for more than 30 years.


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