How to Source the Automatic Nail Manufacturing Machine

How to Source the Automatic Nail Manufacturing Machine

When it comes to purchasing a wire nail making machine, you come across various options. Before choosing to buy one, you should have enough information about which machine suits you the best. The information that we are about to share will bring an answer to all your questions.

wire manufacturing machine

If we were to specify the brand our company would go for, it would be Uniwin. It is one of the best nail making machine experts in China. However, its branches are spread throughout the world. It even exports products like barbed wire making machines, chain link fence making machines, and nail making machines. Uniwin is highly trusted worldwide.
The machines are thoroughly checked before delivery. When talking about the wire nail making machines specifically, these are available in different models. If you want to be assured about whether you are investing your money in the right product or not, try Uniwin Nail Machine.

Purchasing a Wire Nail Making Machine

If you are a beginner, you should probably go for second-hand wire nail making machines. These are easily available in the local market. This way, you get to be on the safer side even if your business cannot make it to success.

However, you have some established background, you can import machines from China. Why China? That is because China is one of the largest exporters of machines. We have already discussed Uniwin. It is also a Chinese-based company. This company has branches in other countries too, like Africa. It not only exports machines but also delivers raw materials that are essential to properly run the machine.

Uniwin also provides the training services by sending their representative who helps you flourish in the related skills. The representative also helps you in making a wire nail plant if you wish to establish your business at a larger level. This assistance, provided by Uniwin, helps you establish your company or business in a much shorter time.If you are worried about the price, it is not a problem. Because the rates at which this company sells machines and offers services are relatively cheaper. Moreover, there is hardly any company in the world that offers this many services and is that popular.

Spare Parts of Wire Nail Making Machine

nail making machine spare parts

Once you have purchased a wire nail making machine, it is your responsibility to take care of it in such a way that it lasts the same lifetime. Proper cleaning and lubricating of the spare parts and other such measures can result in making your machine new as it was when you first bought it.

Let’s make you familiar with the spare parts of the wire nail making machine.

Gripping Dies

The machines come with round dies that have 8 to 10 nail holding grooves.

Nail Cutter and Die Grinder

These are other useful spare parts that a nail making machine comes with.

Sharpening discs

Sharpening dies are one of the essential spare parts that allow you to sharpen the head of steel wire. These are available in different sizes, and you must use a suitable size for steel wire particularly of a particular length. Use the sharpening die of 3.8mm, sharpen the head of 6.5mm steel wire.

Header Dies

nail header punch bar

You can use header dies for forming a nail head as per your requirement.

Nail Knife Grinder

The nail making machine comes with a nail knife that becomes blunt after 2 to 3 days of cutting. That is where the nail knife grinder comes in, you can use it to sharpen the nail knife.

Cutting Die

Cutting die can be used cutting and pointing the nails into the desired shapes. The shapes include long, chisel, diamond, and many others.

Optional Accessories

The wire nail making machine comes with optional accessories including Cutting tools, Gripping dies, and Header dies.

Standard Accessories

These accessories include a Starter, One set of Tooling, an Electric Motor, Hand Operating Lubricating pump, and Belts.

With these spare parts, you can make your machine functioning properly.

There are not just these spare parts, but also the auxiliary equipment that could be used for the proper servicing of your machine. One such piece of equipment is a Connecting and Welding Machine.
If the wire breaks during drawing, you can use a Connecting and Welding machine to weld the broken wire. Without this machine, you would have to wait all day long or maybe more for a welder to come and fix your machine.

Wire Nail Making Machine Price

To add more to your knowledge, we have categorized the wire nail making machines depending upon the price. This way, you can have a prior understanding of the product. Or you can decide which type of machine suits your budget.

  • The machines of size 1 inch are the cheapest. Their price ranges from USD 2000–2500/Set.
  • 2.5 and 3 inches machines are relatively higher in price. Their price ranges from USD 5000–6000USD.
  • he machines of sizes 4 to 10 inches are the most expensive. These machines cost about USD 7000–9000/Set.

The first two categories are famous because these can be afforded by people belonging to every class.

Wrapping Up

Although, Google has the answer to all your questions. You can search for the best wire nail making machine, but one cannot be sure about any and every website that you may choose to purchase the machine. That is why we have mentioned a trustworthy company, Uniwin. Hopefully, you will be able to make the best out of your business.


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