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Nail Polishing Machine

What is nail polishing machine? The nail polishing machine is a device that is used to polish the surface of wire nails. Nails are made from metal and they have a rough texture on the surface. This texture makes it difficult to do any kind of work with them. The wire nail polishing machine helps

Wire Drawing Powder

Wire drawing lubricant powder is a kind of powder specifically used in wire drawing process. It has good lubricating properties, abrasion resistance and anti-corrosion property. It can also be used as wire drawing lubricant. Characteristic of the Wire Drawing Powder 1.Good grease property: The wire drawing powder has good grease property and can form a

concrete nail making machine

What is Concrete Nails Concrete nails are hard metal nails made of high carbon steel wire and used for fastening objects to concrete. They have ridges on the shank that grip into the concrete, so they don’t come loose when knocked. Concrete nails are different from ordinary steel nails. Ordinary steel nails will break off

cost of nail making machine

What is the cost of nail making machine? The price of a z94 type traditional common nail making machine made in China costs from $2,000-7,000 for different models. The price will be little higher after it delivered to Kenya, India, Nigeria or some other countries, since there will be inland and sea freight cost and custom clearance also.

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