Can the nail making machine make only wire nails

Can the nail making machine make only wire nails?

No, the nail making machine equipment can make not only  common wire nails, but also produce other steel nails, coil nails, concrete nails and wooden nails.
1. Concrete nail production line
On the basis of the nail making machine, the nail making mechanism is used to replace the raw materials. The raw materials are produced from carbon steel, which is made of #45 or 60 high carbon steel wire, and processed through wire drawing, annealing, nail making, and quenching.

2, Roofing nails production
The raw materials for the production of roofing nails are coils or iron wires with a diameter of 8 to 4 mm. The corrugated nail machine is modified based on the nail making machine, so that the corrugated nail caps and nails are effectively linked to form a whole. Corrugated nails also need Galvanization and heat treatment.

3, Steel nail production equipment
Steel row nail raw material 45 # low carbon steel is made with a nail making machine, one end is flat and the other end is sharp. The finished iron nails are glued together by glue to play a decorative and fixing role. They need to be heat treated and galvanized.
In addition, an automatic nailing machine is added; the raw materials (steel wires) can be heat treated (quenched) and chrome-plated, and then these wires can be made into wire bands. By changing the clamps and punches, steel row nails can be produced.

4, insulation nail production
Insulation nail production equipment, production of insulation nail production equipment generally need to be nailed through the nail-making mechanism, the length of the nail is large, mainly used to strengthen the wall insulation layer, according to the thickness of the insulation layer, divided into a variety of specifications. There are two types of insulation nails: split and conjoined. The nail making machine mainly produces commonly used split insulation nails.


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